Custom Home Building

There is very little more gratifying than having the opportunity to build a beautiful, custom home and deliver the epitome of comfort and luxury to a client.

There is truly something deeply meaningful that is embedded in the pursuit of custom designing, building, and fashioning a home for its inhabitants. In a custom home, each room has a personality and a purpose: each light, shadow, sound, texture, color, viewpoint serves as an integral part of the whole. When all these factors align in a way that corresponds with the inhabitants of the home, it makes the home an extension of our very beings.

However, in order to achieve such a pursuit there must first be established a connection between the mind of the person envisioning their space and the mind of the person who is to make it a reality. The customer will imagine the result: the builder must listen, understand, and deliver the means to the end.

This is where Higher Ground Property Management is able to thrive.

In planning and building your custom home, Higher Ground will ensure that the conceptual, layout, interior, exterior, and aesthetic design completely fulfills customer expectations and will cover every aspect of customization, including:

  • Lighting and ambiance
  • Static and/or fully automated state-of-the-art audio video and home theatre accommodations
  • Integrated smart home electronic and security systems
  • Masonry, fine carpentry, stonework, and cabinetry
  • Landscape, hardscape, exterior illumination
  • Pool, spa, and sauna accommodations
  • Custom paint and artistic finishes
Let Higher Ground serve you in your pursuit of building a home that is truly an extension of you and truly the epitome of luxury

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